Electronic Communication

My ex has in the past shared our e-mail communications with her attorney in an attempt to use them against me. Am I within my rights to ask that she not do that again or I will be unable to communicate electronically with her? I’m just wondering if a Judge might feel that it is incumbent on me to answer her messages in the spirit of co-parenting? It just seems I should not have to do that if she may be using those messages to try to gain advantage over me in some way.

Not a lawyer

Choose your words carefully. Say it forget it, write it regret it.

There is no way to stop your ex-wife from providing your communications to her attorney. She can even record your conversations with her and present those as evidence at hearing. You are also correct that a lack of a response may not be in your best interest because it indicates that you may not be co-parenting effectively. If you are in the middle of a highly contentious child custody case, I would advise to use email instead of verbal communication as there is a record of everything that is said, rather than having conflicting testimony. The advice to choose your words wisely is good advice.