Email Communications from Current Wife

I have been having problems with my ex’s new wife intercepting and responding to email communications to my ex regarding the children, pretending to be him. It is very evident when she is communicating with me versus him.

We had a hearing in February and part of the Order was that my ex and I were to setup new email accounts exclusively for communication regarding the children and no one else was to have access to the email accounts. The new email addresses are to be the only form of communication between us other than for emergencies. The judge went further and spoke directly to the ex’s new wife and told her she was not to communicate with me in any form, email, text or telephone. She was to stay out of it.

This has been working fine until now. The new wife has gained access (or it was given to her) and the last three emails I have received are actually from her, again pretending to be him, but it is quite evident that these emails are not written by him.

In another part of the Order it states that emails will be responded to within 24 hours. How should I handle this?

I’m sorry to butt in here but I’d love to know how you got this to be part of the order!! Did you request it or did the judge put it in the order on his own? I most likely will be going to court shortly for Divorce from Bed and Board regarding child support, temporary support, ED, alimony, legal fees, etc. and I would LOVE for this to be put in the order as email seems to be the only way that we can communicate without a major fight starting in front of the children.

You may file a motion for judicial assistance and schedule the same for hearing with your judge. The motion simply needs to contain your allegations regarding her actions in breaching the new email account.

To ILoveMyCowboy, it was the judge’s idea. I didn’t ask for it, but it was great. My brother has a similar Order, different judge, different county altogether.

Should I address the fact that I’m receiving communication from the wife in a response to the latest email - stating I believe the address to have been compromised and I will disregard further communications until he secures the email?

I don’t believe I should respond to any further emails that appear to be from her as I’m not communicating with my ex, but the wife instead.

To answer ILoveMyCowboy - this was the judge’s idea, not mine. My brother has a similar provision, though, different judge in his case. Different county all together.

I would suggest you follow the order and continue using the account until the hearing. It is your ex’s responsibility to control the email account.