What is my legal right?


So my husband (we’re separated not divorced yet since 2007) has custody of our daughter all summer long. She earned money to buy an iPod Touch and we’ve been texting in order to keep in touch. This is the only secure way she can speak with me. When she is on the phone, he and his girlfriend listen and tape our conversations. When we Skype, they are there…listening. When she is here, I go to another room or let her leave the room so she can talk to him privately. Last night he told her that he would need all of her passwords because that’s what he and his girlfriend do. He also responded to a couple of her texts. Now that this option is no longer available, I will not be able to communicate with her all summer. The judge said we both should have reasonable contact with the child including Skype. Now he is trying to keep her from communicating with me. What can I do? Can I email the judge? I don’t have an attorney anymore. She’s only 11 and this is the second summer over there. We thought being able to text one another would work…but he’s put a stop to that. Can I file something in the courts to stop him from doing this?


It doesn’t sound like he’s keeping her from you. It sounds like he wants to monitor her communication, generally.