Electricty Turned Off


My daugher and her live in BF separated Saturday night. He tried to make her leave the house that his dad was letting them live in for free. She refused, so he moved all his stuff out that night. They have an eight month old daughter. Just a few minutes ago, he had the power company come by and turn off the power to the house. Does she have any rights? He has threatened to take the baby and go someplace where she will not find them. She is working a part time job and going to school. He works under the table for his dad. She has called Legal Aid of NC, but they are not taking any custody cases. If you could give us any direction, it would be greatly appreciated as she does not have much money and we are not in a situation to help much.


I guess, technically, he could turn off the electricity, phones and what not if they were in his name. It’s MEAN, but he could do it. She needs to get a custody order in place asap. Both parents have equal rights to the child. If she fears he will take the child and keep the child from her, she must get an order immediately.


Since they are not married domestic law does not apply in so far as property and spousal support go and he has no obligation to provide shelter and utilities to your daughter. She does however have a claim for child support and should file an action seeking the same in the immediate future.