Change of Circumstance


I think I would have something at least written up and notarized to reflect what is going on now if you don’t amend the existing order. I would think attending school could be a change in circumstances but if the child is in day care now, how different in terms of their time, is that going to be?


Well the thing is, child lives with mom currently and visits dad often. Mom works in an office and does not get off work until 4 or 430. Dad is a school teacher. The child and father would have the same days off and not have to go to a daycare when not in school. If with the mom, child would have to go to daycare when the school is closed and before/after school. Thinking it is in the best interest of the child to be with dad since he is in the school system and available when the child is not in school unlike the mom.


The child


Child was 1 year old when current custody order was drawn up. More visitation has been given that is not written in the order. The child is now 3 years of age. My question is when the child turns 5 and is ready to begin school, could this be a change of circumstance to have the current custody order modified?