Change of Venue

You can register and order from another state in your state of residence at anytime after it is issued.

You will not be filing a change of venue after litigation is completed. This is something that occurs at the initial stages of the case, not after it is has been completed.

If an issue arises later on down the road with respect to custody it is likely that Florida will be the proper forum at that time.

There is a uniform act that most states have adopted that dictates where jurisdiction is proper in cases of child custody. Normally there is what is considered as a

I have searched archived posts and have seen some conflicting answers to a change of venue question.

I moved to FL from NC five months ago. At the moment, there is pending litigation for a modification to child custody.

When the litigation is completed, the children and I will have been here for more than six months.

At that time, can a register my custody order with FL and request a change of venue to FL?

If there is any litigation later, I would like for it to be in FL. In the future, it would make sense for everything to be here since this is where the children are and witnesses, etc.

My ex has been harassing the fool out of me and I am burning up the roads between FL and NC going to court.