Change of Venue

I have been going through a divorce for 1.5 years now. My x about 6 months ago moved 4 hours away from me and where court has been held. That really put a hindrance on my visitation of 5 kids. I moved down to where she’s living 2 months ago to be able to see my kids more often. She works here, the kids go to school here and I’m still looking for a job here. I would like to get the venue changed from Alamance County to Brunswick County. I can’t find any forms to do this and I don’t have an attorney. Does anyone have any info on where to find forms for change of venue an procedures?

There is no form per se for a motion to change venue. You need to file a document with the case caption and your reasons for requesting a change in Alamance County. You will then need to contact the clerk for a court date, in which you will have a change to explain your situation to the judge. He or she should then issue an Order transferring venue to Brunswick.

Would it be difficult to change the venue to a different state if neighter parent would be living in the state of NC?
My granddaughter’s ex has moved out of the state and we would like her to come home. She would be worried he would pull a fast one and place a false statement in the county she lives in. She will not move and is afraid of what he would do.

Venue refers to the County, not the state. What type of action is pending, are there children, if so, is there a court order with respect to custody?

Custody hearing & visitation for two children. There is a temporary order in place at this moment.

What would they call an out of state transfer?

If there is a temporary order which provides a visitation schedule the mother of the children may not move out of state if it makes the father’s visitation impractical. North Carolina is the home state of the child according to the jurisdictional rules, and if the mother would like to move she will need to prove to the court that her move is the in the best interest of the children.