Transfer of Venue between NC Counties

I’ve searched the web and and cannot find the document used to transfer venue from one NC county to another. There is a current custody order that needs to be transferred. Any help in finding a PDF would be helpful. Thanks!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no set form that is used. You would need to draft a motion and file it at the courthouse in the county the order currently exists, and state the reasons why a change of venue is appropriate, and ask that the judge sign the order to change venue. You also need to include a proposed order for the judge to sign…they won’t write it up for you.

This is just my experience that I had, I am not a lawyer…but I did go through change of venue with my custody case…

If you need to change venue you would need to file a motion to change venue and set a hearing. We do have sample motions available as part of our DIY service.