Changing a mediation agreement

In mediation, an agreement was signed that I keep the marital house but agree to an $88K lien to be paid off when the house was sold. No date was put in writing, or even discussed verbally, as to when the $88K lien would have to be paid (in fact the mediator said that theoretically I might never have to pay), and I was given the right to refinance once.

Now that the deed is being drawn up to be signed, my ex is trying to include a date of 2016 for paying off the lien. Two questions:
(1) Can I be forced to accept any specific date for paying the lien (which would require me to sell my house)?
(2) Would it be advisable to have a real estate lawyer or a divorce lawyer representing me?

Thank you

You can’t be forced to accept a date unless it was in the mediated agreement. You have every right to refuse to put a date. A divorce attorney would be better suited for this situation than a real estate one.