Changing Permanent Custody Order

North Carolina issued a permanent custody order to me and my ex-husband regarding our son. He resided in NC and I live in California now (I’m in the military). The custody order states he gets our son for 6 weeks in summer, spring break, and can come visit our son one weekend a month in the state that we reside.

He recently moved from NC to California and wants to modify the permanent custody order to give him more time with our son since he lives here now. There has been no change in my life since the permanent order was issued. Is this something the court would entertain? If so, what does he have to file in NC to accomplish this?

EDIT: Also, since I’m in the military I could end up moving again at any given time…

If both the child and the parties now live in CA then he would file in CA for the modification after he lived there for 6mos. He could file for a modification in NC before he lived in CA for 6mos