Child costody/ parental rights

By still being married, I’d say you’re out of luck. You need to file for divorce, keep track of your efforts to see or contact the children, and either seek custody, or visitation rights. Remember to include visitation rights for the Grandparents, as they are part of the children’s lives too.

Hi, I am seeking advice, I need to know if in North Carolina if a couple is still married and a parent resticts access to the children if the parent is considered to be doing something wrong in the eyes of the court or if the other parent can do nothing since they still have the same custodial rights.

My soon to be ex husband has my children and has no intention of giving them back or even letting me have a good relationship with them, I am in another state and would appreicate it if some one could send me some info or could lead me towards the right direction.

Thanks [;)]