Fathers visitation rights




Dear feleciaj:

Greetings. I would advise that you do file for custody. It is highly unlikely that the courts would restrict you from being around the children, although I have seen it in one case where the step parent had been accused of child abuse. If that is not your case, then it is unlikely. Just keep being the positive support in the situation. Thank you.

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Fatherdoright let me start by stating a few facts: 1)this is not a divorce case whereas these two ppl were marry, separation, etc none of this, 2)my husband and I have been marry for 20 years, never separated, he always maintain a relationship within the household, etc, 3)We have 4 children together, the youngest 8 mths old, 4)I assure you that we made a decision a year ago that if we as a family together cannot see the children then neither will my husband! I just want to say that this women knew about me and my kids and that he was marry but she had no morals, very jeoulsey of what we have…Keep in mind that there are some women who just have LOW self worth that they will DO just about anything to try and trap a MAN…If my husband was this sorry guy who never work, hung out in the streets, etc I would have drop him like a pancake the first time, but I trusted him and yes twice he have fool me, well you know 3 times and you are out! So just to let you know this women will meet him when he went to work whether it was 1am, 2am,if he work third, or 11pm, 8pm if he work second, but she will go to a site in the woods and boot it up 5 mins. I’m pass all this and I think the kids sure be apart of my family due to we have children adn it’s soo important for children to know who their parents are no matter how they came into this world. They didn’t make the choice, the two adults did, and they suren’t pay for adults mistake’s!


my husband trick/affair will not allow him to see the kids but yet she wants child support. what can we do, we thought of filing joint custody, and also she doesn’t want me to be involved with kids…hello we are marry…can the courts decide that I cannot have anything to do with kids base on her vendictive attitude, etc…what rights do he have as a father…I want him to be apart of the kids life, but as a family including our kids not just him… She knew he was marry when she started the affair with him, her plan just didn’t work, adn now she’s using the kids…