Child Custody


I don’t know if it would change because of his background history, but my son was 9 months when his every other weekend visitation started.


breastfeeding was an issue for overnight…don’t know if you are doing that or not


Thanks for responding. I was unable to breastfed. I wish I could have:( Did your husband have any violence issues?


no he didn’t just a self-centered problem. I belive yours is a different issue though…really I hope it is anyway


This may not make any sense but unless his anger and sex crimes have been targeted towards children he may very well get some sort of visitation. I cannot believe that a judge would grant him custody but expecting courts to be resonable is like asking rain not to be wet.



thanks for your response. I had heard the same thing…just because he was violent and mean towards women does not mean he would be mean to the baby…just wondering abou the fact that he punched me in the face while I was holding the baby…he could have hurt him as well.


Why would a judge rule this way?

We went to court about our child on 3/17. He did not give my STBX any visitation, but he gave my STBX’s parents visitation as follows:
Tuesday 10-2 and Saturday 10-2. My STBX’s parents can take him out places, but their two out of control daughters (34 & 42) and my STBX’x girlfriend are not allowed to be there and there is to be no alcohol, drugs or smoking. My STBX can be there as well.

Why in the worls would he give the grandparents visitation? They have only been around my 5 month old son a few times. They do not have an established relationship with him and it is not in my son’s best interest to be around them.

I would really like a response from anyone…and please from one of the attorneys as well. Also…every Saturday for me is crazy. That means I cannot go out of town for the weekend.



would an attorney please respond to my last post…thanks

Do grandparents have any right to ask for visitation if one parent is given full custody and the other parent visitation only? I thought they needed to have an established relationship with the child and that it was in the child’s best interest.

My STBX’s family has serious problems…all of the children have been in and out of prison or drug rehab, they all smoke in the home and there is alot of fighting that goes on.

What in the world can I do to even know that my son is safe when he is there since my STBX’s parent ssupervise the visitation???


could an attorney give any advice?


My STBX and myself go to court on 3/17 about custody of our 5 month old son. I was just wondering what chance my husband has of getting him overnight at this young age?

I had to file a DVO against him and I have recorded numerous conversations between us that show his horrible temper and rage. He was in prison for 12 years for rape and is a registered sex offender.

Yes, I knew all of this before I married him and I had dated him years prior to this crime. I fell for the lie…“I have changed…I am not that person anymore” and for two years he wasn’t and then bam the spots on the leper came out again.

I have had my son with me since I left him almost three months ago. I was awarded temporary custody since my husband came to where I was and snatched up our son from me who was only 4 months old at the time.

I know every situation is different, but I guess I am getting a little nervous about it all. I do have an excellent attorney, but I just wanted to know what the group and Rosen attorneys thought on this.

Any repsonse would be greatly appreciated