Child support....18 yr old moved

Paying child support in nc
18 yr old moved with mother and his girlfriend out of state and not going to school in nc anymore
She refused to report change of address to support enforcement and changed her phone number
Is it mandatory for her to report a move like i have to?
What do i do now that hes not registered in any nc school? Nor does he reside in nc
Do i still have to pay nc child support when hes not in nc anymore?
How does this effect my support now when im paying for a child who doesnt live there
Do not know current address or state they moved to
Thanks for answering

Your child support obligation doesn’t cease because the child lives out of state. Child support only terminates when the child either turns eighteen or graduates from high school, but not beyond age 20. You are obligated to pay child support as long as your child still in school until graduation. If the child is not attending school anywhere, I would file a motion to modify child support based on the fact that the child has reached the age of majority and is no longer in school.

I would read your custody and child support order to see if there is any language that requires her to provide you notice of relocation, or keep you informed her her and the child’s address. At a minimum the order should require you to be notified of where the child is living. If she is in breach, you can file a motion to have her held in contempt and ask the court to compel her to abide by the terms of the order.

Thank you for information
Should i contact cse to have venue changed to the state they moved to or does it even matter?

As he is still in the school you have to pay child support until he completes his school. This is also depends on your agreement what language in that.


Right now, NC has jurisdiction over the child support order, even though the child is no longer in North Carolina.