Child support and mortgage payments

My husband and I separated 3 weeks ago after 11 years of marraige and 3 children. He moved out 2 weeks ago. We recently refinanced our home and took out extra money to repay our cars. Both our names are on the deed and mortgage and we are ok with that for now. My question is this: we used the child support calculator to come up with CS, does he still need to pay half the mortgage on top of CS since he would be entitled to half the proceeds of the house when we decide to sell it?

It depends on what you agree to. Normally the spouse who lives in the home pays the mortgage (either on their own (or using a combination of the child support and spousal support). The spouse who pays the mortgage may be entitled to a credit for one half of the principal reduction on the loan at the time of sale.
You may of course agree that your spouse pays half the mortgage up to the date of sale in addition to child support.

I think normally your husband will pay the half since he is the former father of the family. But it is what you two would agreed to is what will be followed but you two must think if the loan will affect the debt credibility of the two of you. Like always since i see that the two of you are friends since your separation then the two of you must consider the affect of the loan even in your kids.