Child Support Calculator Question - 3rd posting

***Sorry to post multiple times, but my question never gets a reply. I just have some questions about your calculator, to ensure I am doing it correctly.

I used your child support calculator and I have a question. Mine is done on Worksheet B for shared physical custody. Would the end number (line 14) be the monthly or weekly obligation?

Also, I pay for all expenses for my daughter. All before and after school, insurance, summer camp, haircuts, yearbooks, etc. Her mother does not provide any of her financial support. Her mother’s mother buys all of her clothes for her mom’s house and we buy the clothes for our house. Other than adding in work related child care costs and insurance costs, can I/should I be adding any additional expenses?

She is with us every other week but spends a few nights at a time at her grandmother’s during her mother’s time. Generally, at least one night every week she is with her mom. I consider this us having her just over 50% of the time. Would that be correct?


I replied to your first post and deleted your second post as it was identical. It sometimes takes a few days for a response on this forum, and I’m even farther behind right now due to taking a vacation.