Child support calculator question

I used your child support calculator and I have a question. Mine is done on Worksheet B for shared physical custody. Would the end number (line 14) be the monthly or weekly obligation?

Also, I pay for all expenses for my daughter. All before and after school, insurance, summer camp, haircuts, yearbooks, etc. Her mother only supports her by feeding her every other week. Her mother’s mother buys all of her clothes for her mom’s house and we buy the clothes for our house. Other than adding in work related child care costs and insurance costs, can I/should I be adding any additional expenses?

She is with us every other week but spends weeks at a time with her grandmother’s during her mother’s time. I consider this us having her just over 50% of the time. Would that be correct?


Line 14 is the monthly obligation. The child support amount calculated using the child support guidelines contemplates that both parties pay for necessities for the children while they are in his or her custody. If that is not the case for your situation, you should seek reimbursement for some expenses or make an argument for deviation from the guidelines or use of those expenses as an extraordinary expense in the calculator. If the kids are visiting their grandmother on her time, then yes, your overnight calculation should be correct.