Child Custody..which worksheet to use?

I have 4 children with my exhusband. 1 lives with him all year except for 14 days and I have 1 with me for 351 days. The other 2 children live with me primarily and go to their dads every other weekend and two weeks in the summer. so which worksheet do we use? His attorney keeps saying C but the guideline wording can be conveyed many ways so unsure which one to use. Also i have 2 more children with my current husband so how do i detemine how much of my income goes to them so my gross is adjusted. We have been fighting over this for 4yrs now. Im on my second attorney. Please help. Thank you

A worksheet C is appropriate where there is split and shared custody. The new child support guidelines differ from the previous version that was replaced January one. The basic support obligation for two children (the other two living with you and not the subject of this action) should be deducted from your income in the new calculation.

where do i find the new guidelines as of Jan 1? how do you determine the amount to deduct for the other two kids? what formula do i use?

The guidelines are under the child support tab on the home page. The basic support obligation is in the tables provided in the guidelines, find your income go to the column for two children and that number is the basic obligation that will be deducted from your income in the present calculation.