Which CS should be used?


We have three girls who’s are 8,3, and newborn. I have custody of the 8 and 3 year old for 156 nights a year. I may agree for my wife to have full custody of the infant for one year (breast feeding and bonding). When I use the ROSEN CS calculator, it doesn’t seem to handle this correctly. My understanding is Worksheet A is for sole custody, Worksheet B is for shared custody and Worksheet C is for split custody. My wonderful situation does not seem to fall into any of these categories. The online calculator comes up with a basic child support obligation that does not match the tables (even when multiplied by 1.5). I dont understand this since the basic obligation is either multiplied by 1.0 or 1.5. right? If I use two children it works perfectly, when I put in three and enter the nights and move to the “three children column” I dont understand where the new “child support obligation” comes from.

I’ve read all three worksheet I thought Worksheet C would now be used since she would have full custody of the infant for a year. However, there are no provisions in Worksheet C to account for the shared custody.

I i just average the number of nights for all three kids, it puts me back into worksheet cause the average number of nights is now 105.

My question are:

  1. Can the Rosen Law Firm calculator handle this case correctly and if so, how does it do it? It seems to go to Worksheet B but then uses a Child Support Obligation that I cant find in the table (even when multiplied by 1 or 1.5).

  2. What worksheet should I use in this situation?

Thank You


Since your situation is unique, the most accurate way to determine the correct obligaiton is to print the guidelines from the AOC website and do the calculations by hand using the income tables.