2nd Request for Answer

Hello all-I posted this question and have not received an answer. It relates to calculating CS. Our divorce papers state that we have Joint Custody with me having primary physical custody. I have the child 235 nights while the other parent has the child 130 nights. My confusion is in which form to use to calculate CS. A or B? The info. that I have read states that if the child is with both parents more than 122 over nights than it’s form B. I just want to be sure I am calculating this correctly to be fair to both parents.

Question 2 is that the calculator form on Rosen asks for overnights, where as other forms for NC do not. What is the difference? Thanks for any help that can be provided!

You would use Worksheet B - Joint/Shared Custody.

Worksheet A is used when the primary custodial parent has the child for 243 nights or more during the year. Worksheet B is used when each parent has the child at least 123 nights during the year.

For Worksheet B, you must enter a number of overnights for each child with each parent, and those overnights must total 365 overnights per child. Worksheets A and C (split custody) do not require you to enter the number of overnights.