Using worksheet A or worksheet B

You would use worksheet A for primary custody. If you and your ex share custody then you would use worksheet B.

North Carolina Child Support Worksheet A (Primary Custody)
North Carolina Child Support Worksheet B (Joint/Shared Custody)
North Carolina Child Support Worksheet C (Split Custody)

The amount of visitations does not change the custody. You can have joint custody and still only see your children 4-6 a month. Or you can have primary custody but your ex gets the children almost the same amount of time…If your consent order states you have primary custody then you have primary custody regardless of how often the ex has visitation. Primary custody means that you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the child/children the majority of the time or on a day to day basis. You pay for lunch money, clothes, school supplies, any other necessities…
The child support will vary based on the amount of overnights with each parent not the amount they are supposed to have.

During our divorce 8 years ago, my X and I entered into a custody consent order whereas I had primary custody and he had visitation for 124 overnights of the year. Since that time, my X has never got our daughter for his full visitation. He gets her about 76 overnights per year. Due to that fact, should i be using worksheet A to calculate child support for a child support modification order?