Child Support Change

I am pro se and she has an attorney. I have to pay support through a PSA and now that I have a new child, I need it adjusted. She also wont let me see my supported son in over 2 years. I am trying to have her held in contempt as well… The questions I have are this: Her attorney is asking for a massive amount of documents that seem to have no bearing on the case. He wants bank records, tax records, paystubs, medical bills for the birth on my new baby, a copy of the loan application for my two cars,

I understand I will need to show my income, but my bills? I don’t want my ex to see all my personal financial banking, etc, and besides, what do my bills have anything to do with asking support be lowered due to another child? Can I object and ask the court to quash this silly stuff? I think the attorney is just trying to break me and is asking me to pay her attorney fees. I live 10 hours away and he is asking for continuances just to drive up the costs (hoping that I have to pay) and have me keep sending the 900 per month of existing support all this time.

I have to support 5 people on my salary of 59K and she supports 2 on hers of about the same. She further sold a property recently and collected well over 100k in profits…I have nothing, paycheck to paycheck. Can I bring this up and would it show she is much better off financialy than me?

You may object to his request for the documentation relating to your bills, but he court may overrule the same. Sometimes bank records and bills are used to show a party may have additional income other than their regular job. Her land sale is not relevant to support, only her current income is used in the calculation.