Child support hearing


yes i got a letter yesterday saying i have to go to a child support hearing on the 26th of march. me and my wife are seperated since july, we had a verbal agreement of me paying 400.00 a month and all medical and daycare, i have done this to the t. she was the one who moved out and left i did not abandon her, i kept the house we were renting, when she left i gave her a car and half of the furniture in the house.

i told her i want joint custody of my son and she tries to dictate when i get him, i average about 9 to 10 days a month now that he stays with me. but lately i do not think she is looking for the best interest of my son. last week i found my ex and my son in a semi private bar at 12am, i went there and got my son from her in the bar and took him home. this is not the right place for a 8 year old boy to be. when i have my son i devote my whole life to him, but she does not do the same. she has a live in boy friend that lives with her which is ok with me but i do not know if it is the right envyroment for my son because they are moving again this week to a new house with another person so there will be three adults and my child there. i live alone and have a stable house, she is not providing that to my son and he cries and tells me he wants to stay with me. i by no means want to keep my son from his mother but i would like full custody so i can be there for his needs.

what i dont understand is we have a hearing but nothing in writing for custody, at this hearing are they going to deciede who gets custody? i keep a log book everyday on the things she says to me and how she is not providing for my son. i keep a receipts and copy every check i give her for support, i do not know how much to pay so i came up with those numbers, i make 62,000 a year and she makes 22,000 a year. so i figured i would have to pay something. it is not about the money to me just want to make sure my child is taken care of.

what else should i provide at this hearing? pictures of my house, his room? i need advice on this matter.


If the hearing is for child support, the court will not hear evidence on custody. It seems as though no custody action has even been filed. I suggest you file an action for custody in order to get the time with your son that you deserve, and he needs.