Modification of Child Support hearing this Friday

I entered into an agreement with my ex a little over a year ago. At the time I was making $4,583 a month and she was making $6,416 a month. I ended up agreeing to pay $650 a month for the one child we had together (which was higher than what the CS Calc suggested). I am actually paying $750 currently because of some arrears I had owed from when we first split and entered into a different agreement. The $750 goes back to $650 first of the year 2011. I have him every 4th weekend Fri-Mon and split Holidays and every track out for at least 7 days for 4 times a year. I have my son about 74 overnights a year. I have been in the same industry since 1997 and over the last few years have taken a tremendous hit $$ wise because of the job market. (I am a recruiter). I also was commuting 1.5 hrs each day to stay in the same position since i worked in Raleigh and lived in Fayetteville when I remarried. Just over a month ago I was let go from my position and forced to find a position in Fayetteville. There are no other companies in my city where I live that was in the same industry so I found a new position in sales with another company. I am making $3,370 a month. When I run the numbers the CS calculator has me paying about $307. I do have a one year old in my new marriage as well. I just wanted some advice as to what to expect in my hearing and what documentation I need to bring. I am bringing of course copies of my checks, W2 etc to show proof of my income. I am bringing a break down of what my bills are each month along with copies of the bills etc. For the last year I have always been on time with my payments except this last month for July I am 2 weeks overdue because it took me a month to find a new position and my first check is a month later in August. Can you explain how the hearing will work and what do I need to bring with me? I will not have an attorney. Thanks in advance for your help.

In North Carolina the child support does not consider your expenses or household bills. You will need your pay stubs, W-2s, proof of the cost of insurance, and any day-care expenses you pay at the hearing.

Your obligation to support your new baby will be accounted for by deducting the basic support obligation ( in this case $628.00) from your income. So the income used for the support calculation for your older child would be $2,742.00.