NC Child Support Guidelines

Just to let everyone know… I AM trying to find another higher paying job - I don’t have a college education and the job that child support was based on was one in NC that I lost when we were divorcing due to stress, etc.

I moved back to SC in order to try to meet the financial dedications that I had for my son.

He came first. My responsibility to take care of him financially came before anything else.

But, now I’m feeling helpless because I love all of my family.

I don’t want to lose my wife and my kids here even though he came first. I don’t want to lose them but I know I have to take care of my son first too.

you need to immediately contact your Child Support officer and file out forms for Modification of Support based on your reduced income!

But how do I know what I should be paying? Are there tables for that? Would I have to pay his medical insurance etc and how much is that? Or is that factored in? We have always done it to where I paid her more and she just had him on her insurance with her new husband. Thanks

Go to Rosens home page and scroll down till you see child support calculator. Click on it. She can pay the medical insurance…just put it on her side of the calculator I think the calculator is pretty self explanitory but if you have any more ??'s just ask.

Deff. file for a modification of CS, cause obviously you are not making what you were when the CS was determined.

you can file a motion for modification of support any time you believe that there would be a 15% or more change in the amount of support. Either side can do this. Some of the reasons for modification include: graduation/aging out of child, day care changes, income/salary changes, insurance changes…Otherwise it can be reviewed every 3 years. Keep in mind that your ex-spouse’s income has NOTHING to do with the equation and you need to just drop that angle. The longer you do not pay the correct amount of support or pursue modifying the amount the more trouble you are in and the worse you look. Get MOVING!!!

I did think think they factored both our salaries last time - I may be wrong. I just wanted to know if what I’m paying is ourageous or correct. Who is responsible for medical insurance & expenses? Her or me or how is that split?

when you do a child support modification…is child visitation also addressed (like longer visits if the child was really young when the order was issued?)

The child support guidelines are posted at
Overnights the child spends in a parents home are taken in to consideration regardless of what the current custody order states. Anything over 124 nights a year and the support is figured on schedule B - joint custody. Be prepared with documentation though (we just used calendars and wrote the nights down) and make sure you have credible records. We went through the child support enforcement office, and while it was a very long process, the judge ruled on overnights. If we had to do over, though, we would have hired an attorney and pursued it without child support enforcement. I took over 6 months to get our case heard, and then two more continuances were granted to the other party. We filed in June, court papers were not filed till september so the judge would only allow retroactive support back to Sept. Good luck

what I meant was…if i file for more child support…can he ask for more visitation?

Dear jcb0425:

Greetings. Please look on our website for the child support guidelines. File a motion to modify child support IMMEDIATELY. Remember that caring for your child also involves caring for yourself. Thank you.

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Hi. I wanted to ask what the guidelines were for child support?

I have NEVER been one payment late and do NOT have ANY problem paying child support for our son to my son’s mother.

Recently I lost my job though and now that I am behind she is calling every single week saying that she needs the money. I have opened new credit cards and taken out family loans… everything that I know to do!!!

She is more than welcome to have the money if I had it, but I DON’T! I can’t get any more credit cards opened and can’t pay the ones I did open.

I have gotten another job but I don’t make anything like I was making. I lost this job, I didn’t quit this last job.

I am making 1/3 of what I was making at my last job.

If I paid her what she is owed every week, I would not even have enough left to pay for the gas to get back and forth to work.

I KNOW she needs the money for him, but she just went on a trip to Michigan on a plane and her husband right now makes good money. I realize he has to pay his child support for his kids too(2 from a previous marriage). --They both left their spouses at the time for each other and now they have a little girl too.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND… If I had not just recently lost my job and were having a hard time myself and kids and a wife now too on this end, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER imagine reducing the amount that I pay her.

If I could, I would just move back in with my parents like I did before and pay her what she is awarded from the courts for our son to raise him, but I REALLY don’t want to leave my wife that I have now - I am happy with our marriage and want to keep it.

What can I do short of leaving my wife now to move in with my parents to pay her?

What is the table for child support for one child age 9 from a father making $9.00/hr

I have NEVER had our child support in the last 8 years re-evaluated even though I was just making enough money to pay her because up until the last 2 years I lived with my parents in order to make sure my son was taken care of financially.

What can I do please help.