Child support modification

I just find out recently she is not working now. I am sure she is collecting unemployment. Will that also be factored in c/s modification?



you should run the child support calculator that is on this site.
What will be factored in:
-your salary/ her salary
-insurance payments
-# of overnights
What will not be factored in:
-what her boyfriend makes - they are not his children
Every 3 years or anytime you believe there is a 15% change in the amount of support you owe (or are due) you can file for modification of support.

Her boyfriends salary has no bearing on your support payment. The biological parents are responsible only. I know it sucks that is the way that it is but that’s the reality.

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Help. In 2000 the courts said I had to pay $693 per month and 1/2 of medical with the salary I was earning. I have been working in Europe since Nov. 2003 and I have a monthly $6000 tax free salary. So her lawyer told her back then that I have to pay $1393 in child support. Starting 7 months ago I started paying $409 for insurance on my two children, a total of $1802 that I am paying now. When I am home in the USA I get my children 25 days out of the 35 days when I am there. During those times I buy my children food, clothes, haircuts, and the necessities that they need, which is not an issue. Now I am married again and support my children and my wife’s 2 children. My ex-wife is currently working part-time which I am guessing is approx. $2100 a month and has refused to tell me her salary and she is going to school full-time in which her parents are paying for. My ex-wife has a boyfriend/fiance living with her and my two children and supposedly he makes very good money. Now with this information could I get my child support payment reduced. I have not in the last 6 years missed a payment and have paid her more when she needed it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks