Child support


Go to your DSS office and ask a caseworker to review your case.


You are correct; there are NC guidelines to determine child support. If you do not have an attorney, you can request that your spouse provide you with a current pay stub so that you are able to plug in accurate numbers on the worksheet. (Please see the child support calculator on our site) If your spouse has applied to have her child support payments established through Child Support Enforcement, then I would suggest contacting her CS enforcement contact to review the accuracy of the information used in the calculation of the worksheet. Relevant information would include each of your incomes, child care expenses, health insurance premiums and number of overnights with each parent. The enforcement office will have likely already obtained pay stubs.

Further, you may seek to modify the child support order by making a motion with an attorney or on your own. You will likely be able to obtain a pay stub from her prior to if not upon the hearing date.

Hope this helps.

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During my mediation me and the ex filled out a paper with everything that we spent a month. Alchoal rent cig’s gifts everything!! If the state of north carolina goes by the calculator then why did we do this??? Im paying 700 every two weeks and my take home pay is 1300 hundred dollars every two weeks!! It takes a bottle of KY every two weeks to write the check. My main question is how could I without a lawer find out what she makes?