Child Support


A few suggestions. First, be sure you are calling child support enforcement office in the county in which your child support is ordered. Take a look at any of your child support or court documents and look for the name and direct contact phone number for the enforcement worker. Also, write a letter to child support enforcement and be sure to give them your correct court file number and your child support enforcement record number listed on any statement or record showing those arrears. Ask for an appointment to review your payment history. You may also go directly to the Clerk’s office and also to the child support enforcement office and explain your difficulty in reaching the correct person. Ask if they can help you obtain an appointment with someone in child support. Finally, not the best method, but given your diligence in trying to get in touch with child support, you can ask the Clerk when child support court is held and show up early and see if you can schedule an appointment with the designated child support worker. If nothing else, they can identify the correct person for you to talk to. Hope this helps.

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Hello, I have a 16yr old son, His mother and I Divorced in 1993.
I was ordered by the court to pay support of $150 a month, but
I pay $200 a month plus Medical Ins. I have paid with every job I have had. Today my Balance shows $22,000.00, this is way off, what
can I do? I tried to walk in and they said i had to make an appointment, the appointment line is either busy or I am on hold for
over 45-min to an hour, I tried e-mails and still no response. My
son’s mother will not try to have this problem corrected, she wants that money. Can anyone help, I cannot afford an attorney for $1500.

kevin robinson