Late child support question


Hi Kathy,
Thank you on behalf of all of us for your kind words about the attorneys at Rosen Law Firm. Service is important to us!

To answer your question about child support, if he is late, not regular in his payments, or just want the payments to come through child support enforcement or otherwise be enforced by them, call your local Child Support Enforcement Office for your County.

If it is like our local counties, they charge a nominal fee to seek their assistance. Maybe 25$. This may save you some of the head ache of dealing with unreported income and inconsistent support payments. I believe there is a NC state CS Enforcement web site, and their may even be a local one.

If you get stuck, one place to start is the Clerk of Court for your county. They will put you on the right track, so you can get a hold of the right child support agency. One thing to think about, do you have a court ordered child support judgment? If not, not to worry, CS enforcement will let you know what you need. Good luck!!

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First, let me thank you attorneys in advance for assistance, You are awesome and doing a great service here. I wish you covered more counties because you would be the ones I’d hire! Direct and to the point, caring and concerned! Thanks again!
Now for the question…
My ex-husband has been receiving workers comp for a while now due to a back injury sustained at work. During the time that he was receiving benefits I was getting my child support on time for the first time ever! Now I am being told that he just recieved a workers comp partial settlement and is now working under the table babysitting 5 kids (funny he can babysit but hasn’t made contact with my kids in 5 years now!) anyway…My question is, how far delequent does he have to be before child support enforcement can go after him? Also, is there any way to find out when he will be receiving the next lump sum from workers comp and if so am I entilted to any of it for child support?

Thanks Again…