Child Support

I’m sorry to hear you and your children are having difficulty getting adequate child support. The North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) has the ability to help parents establish paternity, have support orders entered, locate parents obligated to pay support, and enforce orders. They can also help to have orders modified. I recommend speaking to someone at CSEA or to another attorney. There may be some issues about modifying your existing order, though, depending on when it was entered and whether any circumstances have changed since then. If you are in Wake County, you can reach CSEA at (919)856-6630. Otherwise, follow this link to see phone numbers in counties across the state: [url][/url]. CSEA also has a website you can visit at [url][/url].

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Recently my husband and i went to court for child support and visitation. We have been seperated almost 11 months now and I really had no concern for child support at the time because he was paying 150 a week to me for the kids. We have 3 kids two who are legally disabled one that is blind in the left eye. Ok, once we get to court my attorney said his income was 13,000 dollars he has 2 jobs and gets unemployment when not working the regular job. In a good year he makes close to 29,000 dollars, but yet he only has to pay 118 a week for child support now. My only concern at the time was visitaion and holidays, now i am concerned about the child support and my lawywer i have let go because of this. Does this amount seem right? I know about guidelines and everything, but this is not even enough money a month for daycare. I don’t know what else to do. Could i get an appeal or go to a child support enforcement agency for help? I am completely confused and i refuse to speak to my other attorney who was so uncaring and acted like i was a bother to her.