Child Support... Help!

i currently pay child support for two children under order. however, i recently had another child with my wife and i have filed a motion to reduce my obligation. Since the initial order my Ex did not have a job so my obligation was higher. She has also moved out of the city we lived in while we were together, however she remained in-state. I feel she has a job now, however she will not admit to it. I feel that when we go to court for the new order, she will not say she has a job and makes money. if she does have a job how can i prove it to the courts? will they investigate? or will it just be my word versus hers?

The court will not investigate, it is up to you to determine and prove your spouse’s employment. One way to determine if she is employed is to send her a request for production of documents seeking her bank statements and paystubs. If she does not comply you may subpoena her bank records directly. You may also want to consider hiring a private investigator to determine where she is employed, and then you may subpoena her paystubs from the employer directly.