Child support if gross income over $300,000


How do I determine the amount of child support I should receive if my (ex) spouse’s gross annual salary exceeds $300,000?


You would take 300,000 and divide it by 12. It would give you his yearly income of 25,000 a month.


He grossed $525,000 for the year. How do I calculate what he owes me per month in child support… do I divide $525 by 12?
Isn’t there more to it? (days children are with him, etc.)?


When I divide $525 by 12 months and get $43,750/month, the Rosen online child support calculator will not allow me to enter that high of a monthly income. Please help.


On this site there is a child support calculator. It explains in details on what to put. You would have to divide yearly gross income by 12 to come up with his monthly income. Also at the beginning of the child support calculator is where you put how many children. Then step 2 is where you put how many nights the children will be with YOU. Then just read and it will walk you through it all.

If you pay day care cost you would put that in there. If you pay for medical insurance as well as he does then you put that amount in there for the amounts you pay per month. It explains it all.

It is on the home page of this site.


You are correct. I tried to do it and it won’t allow it at all. You may have to speak to an attorney or go through the child support division in your county.


When the combined monthly income of both parties is above $25,000.00 the child support cannot be determined by using the child support guidelines. In these cases the court determines child support on a case by case basis and considers the reasonable needs of the children and the relative a ability of each parent to provide support.