Financial statements

My ex has turned in 3 different financial statements. One stating around $6,000 per month income, the second is stating around $18,000 a month income, and the last one around $7,000 a month income. We have 2 businesses, own the properties and for the past 7 yrs have recieved $14,500 per month rent. He has recently reduced the rent to $12,500 per month. As you know, business owners can pay themselves what they feel like. My question is, how can he continually turn in and change the amounts to such a great degree. I understand that gross income is gross income. Then I read that he will be allowed to deduct quite a bit from the gross income, which will reduce my child support greatly. This makes no sense to me. He is living a higher standard of living now, than when we were married. He even still has to cover the house payment. I am confused as stressed about this. How does the child support get evaluated? Will they deduct expenses and such? One can make expenses incredibly high in order to not have to pay child support.

No, expenses unrelated to childcare and health insurance for said child are not factored into child support determinations. In regards to your husband having such disparities in his income, when someone is self-employed or on commission you would use their average income for the past 12 months as their income figure. Feel free to use the online child support calculator on our website if you haven’t already.