Child Support Modification

My oldest son graduated high school so I’m going to file a child support modification.

  1. In this modification, can I request that my back child support be reviewed. At the max, I only have 9 payments left. But I had the most incompetent attorney on the planet as my divorce attorney. She did not file anything on my behalf. The year and a half that I was separated, I had my three children half time until my ex-wife filed a false child abuse claim against me which was unfounded by DSS. I didn’t have them at all for three months. If I paid child support during the year and a half, I only would have had to pay around $3,500.00. But since my attorney did not present anything on my behalf, I ended up paying $17,000.00 in back child support. I don’t think I should be financially punished for my attorney’s complete incompetence. Something, anything should have been presented to the judge on my behalf.

  2. In this modification, can I request that some issues be examined? My ex-wife claims that she doesn’t make very much at all. But she had a breast augmentation done which I was told that would cost in excess of $10,000.00. And my ex-wife has a hot tub on her deck. I have to buy used tires and I can’t afford to get my AC fixed in my old truck because I don’t have any money. Can I request that it be examined how she is paying for this?

  3. My two oldest children work. My daughter just told me that my ex-wife only lets her keep $20.00 from her paychecks and keeps the rest for car insurance and expenses. I know car insurance is expensive but my kids work 4-5 days a week. It can’t be that expensive. Since my kids only get a small amount from their paychecks, they are constantly asking me for money. Since my ex-wife gets half of my take-home pay, I do not have money to give them. This has created a lot of tension between me and kids, especially my daughter. Is this something I can request to be reviewed?

  4. I’m not done yet. My ex-wife was having sex with our county child support attorney. I filed a complaint and the State DSS requested that he be removed from my child support case. Of course, he lied his way out of getting in trouble. Can I attached paperwork to this modification from the State and County DSS stating that he is not to have anything to do with this case?

Thank you! I appreciate your help!!!