Child Support Modification

I am the non-custodial parent of a 6 year old and have always paid child support and medical insurance without issue. My ex has requested a child support review and according to the CSE caseworker my support will likely double to $850 per month plus insurances! My daughter is blind and is in a residential school (funded by the state) 187 days per year, shouldn’t that affect the amount of support ordered? She is on SSI, won’t the increase in child support lower the SSI payment?

To get an idea of what your child support obligation will be, use our child support calculator. You’ll note that child care expenses are included in the calculation, since your daughter’s school is state-funded, she most likely has no child care related expenses.

With regard to your specific question about whether an increase in child support would warrant a decrease in SSI payments, I would contact the Social Security Administration directly and make this inquiry. The handbook explains that a parent’s “income and resources” will affect the SSI payment, but it doesn’t explicitly state whether child support received by that parent counts as income or resources. It is worth looking into as you won’t want your daughter’s SSI payments to be decreased.