Child support - out-of-state NCP

Have a support order filed August, 2009, with retro to May, 2009. Case was handled by Child Support Enforcement. Have no received any support for my daughter, not one penny.

Note: Non-custodial parent lives in another state.

Have contacted Wake County CSE numerous times to be told they can’t “verify” ex’s address. I have provided address multiple times. I know where she lives as this is where I consistently send my daughter for visitation. CSE also told me that they were waiting on the other state to do what they needed to do, whatever that is.

I finally called CSE in the other state. They said there was nothing they could do because they hadn’t been provided the proper documentation by Wake County, including a court order. I offerred to provide the order and was told that NC has to provide it.

I called Wake County CSE again and relayed my conversation with the other state. My case worker indicated that she had provided the required information no matter what the other state said. So I now have a situation where each state is “waiting” on the other and blaming the other for the fact that there has been no progress on my very delinquent case.

I told Wake County CSE that I wanted to file a motion to show cause. They informed me that I wasn’t able to since they were not yet able to verify ex’s address and since the other state had not yet accepted the case. I’ve since contacted the Director but have not received a response.

What do I do? My ex now owes over $3,000.

Got an update from Wake County CSE after posting my thread.
They said that the other state has to register the support order before being able to enforce it. Wonder how long that’s going to take?
NC said they are done with the case at this point and that is completing in the hands of the other state. They also said that if the ex doesn’t cooperate, there’s nothing the other state can do. Apparently they have located her though and are attempting to serve her, giving her the chance to contest the registration of the support order.
Does that all sound right? There’s nothing more that can be done?

The order will be registered in the other state, and if she does not comply you can file an action for contempt in that state.

After all this time, I’ve heard nothing from the other state about whether the support order was registered, whether the ex contested the registation, nothing. I’ve still not received any support for my daughter and no communication whatsoever from the other state. Any suggestions on where to go from here? This has been ongoing since May of 2009.

I suggest you contact Child Support Enforcement in that state to determine next steps to get the order registered.

I’ve contacted the other state numerous times now with no results. They know the NCP’s employer. They know her address. Everyone is passing the buck. I’ve talked to my ex and she says she’ll never pay and that there’s nothing I can do about it. Do you have any feel for how long this could possibly go on before some court somewhere will make her pay or put her in jail until she decides that she has some responsibilities?

I cannot say for sure how long she will get away with this, but I suggest you keep in contact with CSE, stay on top of them until the order is registered.

According to WI, the order has been registered. They know the NCP’s location and employer. The last we heard was that they had to send her multiple warning letters to try to get her cooperation. I thought that payroll deduction was something that just happened, that the NCP wasn’t given an option about that. It sounds like WI wants her to agree to pay the support versus taking the support.

I cannot speak as to how CSE in another state works.