Child Support Enforcement in 2 States


I am the CP dad. EX moved to NC and I had remained in the state we were divorced in .I then moved to NC and registered my foreign support judgement here in NC. Support order in original state directed DCSE in that state to enforce the order and also that Ex should direct payments to that states DCSE.

We had a subsequent modification hearing in the original state and the modified order ( just a $ amount change) said the originating state would transfer jurisdiction to NC, since both CP and NCP now lived in NC and directed ex to register the order.I ended up registering it because she did not.

I have requested NC DCSE to have the case redirected so that NC can enforce and take case over. I was told that the clerk of court ( Meck County) is in the process, but it will be sometime in November. In the meantime NC shows the case as " in establishment" and “not under court order”.

The original state’s DCSE( department of child support enforcement) recently finally found where my Ex is employed and has issued wage garnishment to her employer. Original state told me that they will keep their case open until they are notified by NC DCSE that NC has opened the case, and at that point the original state will close their case.

NOW… ex’s say’s her employer has received a notice of wage witholding from NC also and her company says until one state sends a new order they must deduct for each.

She is accusing me of fraud and double dipping. I have not yet received any funds from either state.She is convinced that I can just call original state and have them stop wage withholding with a phone call.
I told ex, I have no control over what DCSE does and that once NC opens the case they would notify the original sate and at that point original state would close theirs and cease collection.
That DCSE only takes orders from the court and not me as an individual, that they are ordered by the court to do collection until notified otherwise by the (a) court.

My question is: Am I correct that the 2 states DCSE departments have to communicate with each other and I do not. That it is not up to me to do anything, it is Ex’s responsibility to do whatever needs be done,and that I have no liability if her wage is garnished by both states until things get sorted out ?


You cannot stop the garnishment with a phone call to the original state, and the two child support agencies must communicate with each other. You have done nothing improper.