Child Support Question-job change

My ex and I have a separation agreement that includes amout of child support that I pay. We both share custody, but my child spends more time with my ex. We have been divorced for 7 years now. I just changed jobs to one that requires no travel so that I can be with my daughter more, but the pay is substantially lower. I chose to change jobs despite the pay cut bc my job was requiring so much travel that I was out of state almost 6mos out of the year. I can be more present in this new job. Can I request that the child support be modified to reflect my new lower salary?

If so, is there a form that I can use to avoid going through the courts? We did not go through the courts the first time.

Since your child support is set forth in a separation agreement, you can always amend the agreement. Of course, that requires both parties to agree to reduce your child support obligation. If your ex doesn’t agree, then you can always file an action for child support. This wouldn’t constitute as a modification because there is no existing order, it would be initiating a lawsuit for child support.

How do I file for an action for child support? Do I need an attorney to do this?

You have to file all of the paperwork required by our local rules, including a complaint, in order to initiate the lawsuit. You can represent yourself (pro se) or you can retain an attorney to do this.

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