Child support recalculation

I just recently went through Child Support Services and was able to get my child support recalculated and increased to a monthly figure of $950. This will now be payroll deducted from my ex-spouse rather than him being able to directly hand the check to me. My children are currently 16 and 14. My question is when the oldest child graduates from high school, will my ex-spouse have to initiate another recalculation to get the support lowered? I know in his mind that he thinks he can just cut his support in half and I don’t believe it works that way. The state is in control of it now. The state will have no way of knowing this change has taken place and my oldest has “aged out”. Will I continue getting the full $950 even after the oldest graduates until he initiates a recalculation? From what I read on your child support calculator, the new calculation will be based on 1 child with whatever our current incomes are at that time, right? I think there is a misconception out that one just cuts the amount in half.


I am not a lawyer but I do pay child support. When my eldest of three children aged out and graduated from high school, I had to file a motion to modify the current order. Your ex must continue to follow the current order until the hearing and the amount is recalculated. I can assure you the amount will not be cut in half as there are several inputs that go into the calculation. In fact, I was paying for three children and my amount went up when it was recalculated for two. This was due to a change in the State guidelines and a claim by my ex for daycare. I will going back in July as my middle child will be aged out and hopefully it will go down some. If you know your ex’s income, you can go online and use the NC Child support calculator and figure it out.

He will have to go back to court to get the order modified.