Child support reduction question

this question is dealing with a child support issue … in march 09 i was ordered to pay 350 dollars a month … in late jun 09 i lost my unemployment benefits, so my income was cut in half … i had my attorney file for a modification of my child support in aug 09 which has yet to be heard… in oct 09 i started paying half the ordered amount do to the loss of my unemployment benefit …im still unemployed as of this date im still paying half …175.00… Am i covered from being in contempt?

I’m not a lawyer, but I am pretty sure you cannot just take it upon yourself to reduce your ordered child support payments absent a court order to that effect, regardless of the reason(s)…

her attorney is aware what im paying and has yet to take me back to court … i think if he does its easily explained to the judge … i do have the proof …Lets see what a lawyer in this forum has to say

You will be held in contempt if the court finds that you are wilfully violating the Order. If the judge determines that you are capable of paying support as ordered you will be in contempt.