Child support what it covers


Hi Nmiller1:

This is a good question and comes up quite a bit. Unless you agreed otherwise in a separation agreement, the child support that you pay is generally intended to also cover normal expenses such as field trips, school supplies, etc. At times, parents may agree to cover part of an unusual expense such as a trip to another country through school, but you would not be obligated to do so based on your post.

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I have my kids about 40% of the time and my ex and I use schedule B for calculation of support. What is this dollar amount meant to cover besides room and board? I also pay 75% of all medical costs and keep a full set of clothes, and household items for the kids at my house so she does not have to cover any of that with her support. Is this payment meant to cover all extra kids activities, school related field trips and normal school costs [supplies etc], or are those items generally considered above the monthly support calculation. Is there a legal definition of what is covered and what is just good faith?