Schedule B coverage


Not an expert - not a lawyer but sounds like you are paying lots extra. Everything you cited should be covered under child support unless in your separation agreement you have something else spelled out. Remember that all those extras you pay for count for nothing legally - the bottom line is paying the support. You can pay all of that extra stuff if you want to/think the kids need it/think your support isn’t covering their expenses but if that’s the case then someone ought to go back and have it recalculated. If you keep clothes at your house fine but other things like lunches, school supplies, shoes, hair cuts…gee whiz what is the support covering then? Are you getting any type of tax credit for any of the kids since you pay for some much extra?


The guidelines require parents using Worksheet B to work together to resolve these extra expenses. This is a distinction from the instructions provided by Worksheet A. The instructions basically provide that parties must resolve these issues cooperatively or they are not good candidates for Worksheet B.

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I currently have my kids 38% of the overnights based on the written agreement [although I have them 50% of the time in real life] and the amount paid is based on the NC child support guidelines. My question is what is covered under this payment and what is expected to be paid above the payment based on income shares of my ex and me? I am being asked in addition to paying support to pay for half of all school expenses [i.e. lunches, field trips, supplies etc], half of the clothes [we both keep our own sets of clothes at each house] half of items such as primary everyday shoes, coats and other everyday clothing items that go back and forth. I also pay for half of hair cuts and misc. other every day basic living expenses. Is this fair or should my support payment be covering these basic items.

I also pay for 50% of extra activates such as music lessons and cheerleading. Would that fall under the support payment or should that be consider above basic support and a optional cost if I wish to pay for them. I don