Children Supplies


Me and my wife are about to seperate. I plan on pursuing 50/50 custody. She does not have an imputed income right now since we haven;t gone through court yet and she is attending school 4 days a week. My wife is asking for me to pay for every school fee, application fee, all school supplies, $250 towards each childs birthday party (we have 4 kids), 8 fall outfits, 8 spring outfits, jackets, winter coats, pajamas, all drivers ed courses, 2% of my salary towards each childs car, 100% car insurance, lunches, yearbooks, photos, filedtrips, sports costs, 6 pair shoes each year, cell phones, computers, ymca membership, all orthodontia, 90% of the cost of after school and summer care. Isnt the vast majority of this supposed to be covered by child support?


Yes, the child support guidelines in North Carolina are intended to cover these expenses (food, clothing, etc) for the children.