Child Support

I am coming to the end of my separation, well my one year, and I was wondering in regards to a separation agreement and child support. My ex gets raises on a yearly basis because she works for Wake County. How do I go about making sure I am paying the right child support after a agreement is signed?

Thank you!

Child support can be modified after 3 years have passed since its establishment, or last modification, and if there is a 15% change in the support number as calculated by the guidelines. I would suggest you have language in your agreement regarding modification, or in the alternative, have child support placed into a Consent Order which is modifiable according to the guidelines.

Consent order? And modifiable according to what guidelines? What do you mean? If the 15% has occurred prior to the three years can you have it modified then? What if she quits her job or someone loses their job? Thank you.

A consent order is a court order the parties agree to and the judge makes an order of the court. The guidelines are the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. You can read more about how child support works by reading the information under the child support tab on the home page.