Child Support

My oldes child turned 18 today and graduates from HS in June. I understand I am to file a motion for termination of support with the court.

I live out of state now. Do I need to attend this hearing or can I handle it through the clerk?
What forms will I need to submit and should I file them now?

I also have two other children. How is my CS obligation recalculated? Do we use the same figures minus one child? She also has a second job now. Do we recalculate using new figures? Do CS modification rules apply here?

You will need to attend the hearing, or a hire an attorney to be present on your behalf. The motion for termination cannot be filed until June, and you will also need to include a motion to modify the existing support to have it recalculated to support the other two children. Support will not be reduced by one third, but rather is recalculated using the Guidelines (new 2010) using your current income, insurance costs, and day-care if applicable.

Can I work with the court clerk to schedule the hearing ahead of time so I can get a hearing in June?

You would have to speak to the clerk after the motion is filed, it will depend on the docket at the time.