Child Support

Quick question… I’ve heard two different things so I wanted to make sure we know what to do when the time comes. Child was 18 in Oct and will graduate in June. We’ve been told the cs agent will terminate it come June since they already have the info from the school and we will not have to file a motion to terminate. We’ve also heard that yes we do still need to file for termination come May or June. Which is it? We’ve been in contact with the cs agent and he has never said anything about us filing for termination. Thanks

You would need to file in June, upon his graduation.

Ok so file in June…what happens if we wait and file in June (she will graduate 1st week in June) and the court dates are out 2 months, does that mean we have to pay cs for July and Aug as well? Last time we checked they were out like 2 1/2 months.
Thanks so much!

Yes, you will have to continue paying until the judge issues an order to terminate support.

I have somewhat the same situation. Thanks for the info.