Child Support

For the youngest child, child support will be paid until the age of 18 or graduation from high school, whichever is last, or until the age of 20 if the child is still in high school but making an effort towards graduation.
For the other child, I believe that the child support will have to continue indefinately if that child is not able to support themselves. If the child is incapable of supporting themselves then the parents will have to continue to do so regardless of age…this is probably why it is not included in the order.

As far as getting a reduction, you can run the calculator on the home site to see if what he is paying in child support could be reduced or if he is paying according to the guidelines.
For the alimony, there is not much that can be done. If he has an order for alimony or an agreement, then he must continue to pay it.


Are you an attorney? The child in question has a substantial amount of money to live on from a trust per month so the support is more cream on the top for the ex-wife.

Thank You for your input though!

Stepmother are you an attorney?

Child support terminates with respect to each child when that child turns 18 and graduates high school or age 20 if that child is making satisfactory progress towards graduation. When the oldest child is no longer eligible then child support should be recalculated according to the North Carolina Child support guidelines.

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[i]Originally posted by ladycelticpoet[/i] [br]Stepmother are you an attorney?

No, I am not an attorney.


I would like to ask about child support on behalf of my current husband; he currently pays Child support for his two children that live with his ex-wife. One of the kids is handicapped and 17 yrs old and the other is under 12 yrs old.

He is paying her a very large amount (he is former military, he didn’t have a good attorney in cumberland county) in his child support and alimony. His Child support order states that he will continue to pay child support until his youngest child is 18 or finishes high school. so does that mean he has to pay support for the older child until the youngest is 18?

I thought NC statute stated that child support would cease when the child is 18 regardless? DOes that also apply if the child is handicapped? I was told that no matter what in NC that CHild support ended at age 18. His ex works and has other income plus we pay her alimony and child support; how can we get a reduction and when does the support end for the older child?

I thank you for your assistance in this matter,