Child Support

I have a question about Child Support. My exhusband and I were divorced 10 years ago, and he pays directly to me. My child support has never been modified, I went to Child Support Enforcement in June of 2008 and I havent went to court yet. Why would it take so long for us to go to court? They keep telling me that the courts are backed up. And also, in our divorce papers we have joint custody but he didnt want any visitation with them except for On Fathers day weekend, when I did the Child Support Calculator I didnt put them as staying with him overnight during the year, and it wouldnt except it since we both have joint custody, how will the judge figure that in? [/quote]

The court systems are overloaded and unfortunately it can take several months before a case is heard. As for the visitation, you will be on a Worksheet A- which is sole custody. The child support is based on the amount of time he spends with the child. The term joint custody refers to his legal rights to have a say so in major decisions affecting your child’s welfare, and is not a factor in determining child support.