Child support

My wife and I are about to start the process of separation. We have not hired attorneys and have been very civil to date as to who gets what and so on. Of course I hope this holds true once it really starts. But I have a question. We have agreed verbally to a set amount for child support of $500 a month. I have two children, 11 and 5. She recently got a job and is only making 2K less then me. When we agreed to what I would pay she was making 9K less or there about. I have tried to figure out the child support tool but have had no luck. So my question is whatis fair? We have agreed to joint custody but have not defined the parameters as of yet. I am thinking me one week her one week. So in essences what is fair? Combined we do not make over 95K and she will be renting and paying 1000 a month and I will be renting and paying $900 a month (if i get the place i am looking at). Taking care of my kids is not an issue for me, they are my life. But what is fair to give her?

Thanks for any insight. This stuff sucks. And reading these stories where mom’s deny dads the right to see thier children, or dead beat dads or moms, its sad.

The best way to determine an appropriate amount of child support is to enter your gross incomes, medical insurance costs for the children, and day-care costs, if applicable into the child support calculator. It will give you an amount of child support based on the custodial schedule you agree on.