Child Support Query?

I have 2 kids. I make $42,500.00 per year gross. I just got an order to pay $1200.00 per month child support. Is there anything I can try to reduce amount? I see the kids a total of 5 nights a month and 8 days a month. Spouse makes $150,000.00 per year gross. If I have to start paying I will have nothing left to meet basic needs because my paycheck is only $2,200.00 per month which leaves $1,000.00 per month to survive on…rent and car payment eat that up right away with none left for anything else…I guess I have to quit work, claim indigent, go on welfare, or something the Obama Admin. may have to free me…There has to be other people with similar situations and found the light and a way out without going to extremes…any advice would assist. I plan on asking the church and look for govt. agencies that may help…I do not know? Spouse is leaving for another person they have had relations with before DOS and after DOS…I am desperate…please give me insight.

I cannot evaluate the amount of support you have been ordered to pay without a full understanding of the case, and reading the court order. I suggest you meet with an attorney in person to determine if the support amount is correct according the guidelines/ move for a deviation if the amount is over and above the amount that would sustain your children’s reasonable needs in light of all the circumstances.